The Ukrainian Author’s Rights Agency

The Ukrainian Author’s Rights Agency was founded in 2004 and registered with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on April 05, 2004, Registration № 2072.

The founders of the Ukrainian Author’s Rights Agency are famous politicians, lawyers, artists and publishers. The Honorary President of UARA is former People's Deputy of Ukraine (member of Ukrainian Parliament), the famous Ukrainian poet, and winner of the T.G Shevchenko National Prize – Pavlo Movchan.

Our scope of activity is:

  • collective management of property rights of subjects of copyright and related rights;
  • collection, distribution and payment of the collected remuneration for the use of copyright objects and / or related rights to copyright and (or) related rights subjects;
  • providing the full range of measures to protect intellectual property rights.

UARA also represents interests of a number of artists, writers, publishers, recording, multimedia and book publishing companies in the sphere of intellectual property objects protection and copyrights management.

We defend justice, combining initiative, flexibility and ingenuity with international standards.

The Ukrainian Author’s Rights Agency was founded on four basic principles:

  • Ensuring  the maximum protection of the rights and interests of clients and partner companies, members and founders of the Agency through a flexible, constructive and innovative approach to the tasks, and to provide the highest level of services focused on results;
  • Ensuring the permanent development of our own organization by providing the best quality and cutting-edge services for our partners, and motivation and opportunity for development and a modern working environment for the employees;
  • Combining the professional experience and practical skills of the founders and managing officers with the skills and energy of the younger generation of employees, and create an organizational structure which allows the Agency’s dynamic development in all aspects;
  • Working in compliance with the recognized moral and ethical values.

The resources of our Agency and its consultants and allied organizations are directed to be used entirely for the benefit of our clients, partners, and members. We work as a team in which everyone realizes his potential.